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Nosy Parker in the Globe & Mail’s Bestsellers Top 10

Nosy Parker is number 4 on The Globe and Mail Canadian Bestseller List for Canadian Fiction for the week of July 16/2022

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Watch Lesley’s Interview on CTV News Atlantic

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Watch the Indigo Interview discussing Nosy Parker


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Indigo Releases an exclusive first-look at Nosy Parker

The Spoon Stealer long-listed for CBC’s Canada Reads

The Canada Reads 2022 debates will take place March 28-31, 2022. (CBC, covers submitted by various publishers)

“I’m thrilled The Spoon Stealer is the first Nimbus title to ever be included for Canada Reads. It’s very exciting and I appreciate the love and support this book has received!”

CBC’s 66 works of Canadian fiction to watch for in spring 2022

“This has been a good day! Look near the bottom of the list for my new book Nosy Parker, named as a book to read in 2022!”

Set in Montreal during the 1967 Expo, the nosy Audrey Parker and her dad have just moved to Notre-Dame-de-Grâce. Audrey pays attention to every detail, but only one mystery really matters to her. Audrey wants to know who her mother was, how she died and why her father won’t talk about it. 

Nosy Parker follows Audrey from childhood to adolescence, where she eventually discovers the truth about her mother. 

When you can read it: June 30, 2022

Watch Lesley’s interview on CTV Morning!/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_620/image.jpg

The Spoon Stealer has reached Canada’s Best Selling list after only a few weeks on the shelves. Watch as Lesley discusses the book on CTV Morning. Watch the interview here

Listen to Lesley read from her novel, The Spoon Stealer

Lesley Crewe’s newest novel brings readers from WWI England to 1960s Nova Scotia, following a spoon-stealing memoirist who inherits the family farm—and the family. Born into a basket of clean sheets—ruining a perfectly good load of laundry—Emmeline never quite fit in on her family’s Nova Scotian farm. After suffering multiple losses in the First World War, her family became so heavy with grief and mental illness that Emmeline felt their weight smothering her. And so, she fled across the Atlantic and built her life in England. Retired, she now lives in a small coastal town with her best friend, Vera, a small white dog. When she joins a memoir-writing course at the library, her past unfolds for her audience, and friendships form. She even shares her third-biggest secret: she is a compulsive spoon stealer. When Emmeline unexpectedly inherits the farm she grew up on, she knows she needs to see what remains of her family one last time. She arrives like a tornado in their lives, an off-kilter Mary Poppins bossing everyone around and getting quite a lot wrong. But with her generosity and hard-earned wisdom, she gets an awful lot right, too. A pinball ricocheting between people, offending and inspiring in equal measure, Emmeline, in her final years, believes that a spoonful— perhaps several spoonfuls—of kindness can set to rights the family so broken by loss and secrecy. A classic Crewe book full of humour, secrets, friendship, lovable animals, and immense heart.

Podcast with Deanne Fitzpatrick

I had a wonderful conversation today with the fabulously talented hug-hooker, Deanne Fitzpatrick. She created the cover of my book Kin, and it’s always been my favourite. We just chat about nothing in particular, as you do, so put your feet up, grab a cup of tea and join us. Listen here.

Living Room Author Series

Watch me read from Are You Kidding Me?!, answer questions from fans, and chat from the safety of my own home office!

The Final Draft – Airing Tuesday, May 5th

Behind the scenes of the Nova Scotia book world. Writers, illustrators, publishers and self-publishers give insights into the way they work and what inspires them. Tuesdays at 10pm on Eastlink 10 & 610.

The first episode feature Lesley Crewe airs on May 5th… Be sure to tune in!

Are You Kidding Me?! Hard Cover Collector’s Edition AND CONTEST!

Enter to win a free dinner with me when you purchase a copy of Are You Kidding Me Collector’s Edition!

Whenever I see people buying the Collector’s Edition of Are You Kidding Me⁉️ I can’t help but wonder if they’re the one I’ll be dining with after my book tour is over 😋

You can get copies at any one of my events or on my publisher’s website. Each one has been signed and enters you into a draw for a free dinner with me!

Lesley on CTV Atlantic

Lesley Crewe talks newest book launch with Ana on CTV Atlantic… Watch the video here!

A podcast interview with Costas Halavrezos

Our grandmother’s stories…
Author Lesley Crewe on the beauty of ordinary moments, the spinster on the hill, and the people to whom we are beholden.

I was recently interviewed by host Costas Halavrezos on Book Me!, a new publishing podcast featuring authors across Atlantic Canada.

Collage spread by local artist, Heidi Hallett

My newspaper columns are not only for reading. My friend, Heidi Hallett used one for inspiration and came up with crow appreciation artwork! Check out Heidi’s work here or on Instagram: @hatchedhalifaxheidi

Relative Happiness has been adapted into a feature film directed by acclaimed Canadian film director, Deanne Foley

Watch the trailer below.